Staying Organized With Flags in Apple Mail

We receive so many emails, it’s easy to lose track. That super important email you should have answered but then totally forgot about? Or that other email for which you’re still waiting for a reply? You could of course use a regular to-do app and add entries like “Answer Jane!!!” or “Waiting for a reply from John” … or you could manage that right within the email program. Let me show you how I keep track of my emails.

You probably know that you can star emails in Gmail, or as the program Apple Mail calls it, flag them. But did you know there are more than just one flag available? Initially, these flags are simply called “Red”, “Yellow”, “Orange”, et cetera. Not very helpful. But you can rename them. Here’s how I named them.

Instead of “Red” it now reads “Now”. These are the mails I will need very soon, e.g., my digital bus ticket or the QR code to return a package. “Follow Up” are the emails I still need to reply to. “Waiting” are the emails for which I haven’t yet received an answer and may need to remind that person. “Soon” and “Someday” are things I need to do for other people or things I want to look into but not right now.

If you have other ideas for how to use flags or how to be more organized, I’m all ears 😄 Please let me know in the comment box down below or contact me on Twitter. Cheers!

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