Keychain Vulnerability in macOS

A new vulnerability in macOS was discovered by Patrick Wardle, Chief Security Researcher at security firm Synack, who already revealed several critical security problems in macOS in the past. This safety issue in macOS enables attackers to steal your passwords, user names, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information stored in the macOS password manager Keychain.

The P versus NP Problem

The P versus NP problem is one of the most famous problems in Computer Science. It deals with the question whether the two complexity classes P and NP are equal or not. Although many computer scientists believe they're not equal, nobody so far has been able to prove either case. In this post I'll try to explain the problem and its far reaching consequences.

The x86 and x64 Instruction Set Architecture

An explanation why 32-bit software and processors are referred to as x86 and not as x32 as one would expect.

How I Backup My MacBook Pro & Synology NAS

My backup strategy for my most important data.

Customizing the Terminal on macOS

How to vastly enhance your terminal by switching to the powerful Z shell and apply an aesthetically pleasing color scheme with the terminal replacement iTerm2.